The chapter of the Jesus Christ Passion is celebrated in Spain with passion (passion all over) in some places on a more humble way, but in others with never ending processions as in Andalucia (south of Spain). In other less known sites as Castille (Zamora, León, Segovia.....) the holy week celebrations are declared as of tourist interest. They are celebrated on a very sober way with many ancient and espectacular carvings. The silence wraps all. And then, there´s a middle way on the celebrations in the mediterranean coasts, and in some little parishes  just they make a little procession where they sing a very old holy hymns relating the passion, as they do in the little island of Ibiza, where the crowds of the summer have not yet arrived.

Picture taken in Sant Joan de Labritja on their Vía Crucis celebration "Es Passos" on Good Thursday